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SEVEN CAPITAL is a specialist electronic payments company that enables you to offer an International ‘Bank-2-Bank’ payments and collection service to your clients, to your customers…and to your business.

Global collections and payments

We specialize in the international transactional marketplace by providing a highly secure, high volume global collection and payment capability. Our service enables the remittance and/or collection of funds quickly and efficiently, to a large and increasing number of international territories.

The beneficial effects of this service to your clients and to your customers include...
improved levels of service through...

  • Greater choice of service
  • Wider range of territories
  • Lower prices
  • Reduced bank charges
  • Faster transactions
  • Better security

The beneficial effects of this service on your business include...
improving both your competitive position and your profit margins by...

  • Streamlining the efficiency and reliability of your back office operations,
  • Leveraging the investment that we have made in developing our automated Universal Payments Network
  • Increasing your reach through access to our global network of territories:
    • Payments in over 200 countries,
    • Collections in over 50 major countries via our correspondent banks / accounts

For a Multinational Organization

Your business is...
A large company with international subsidiaries.

What Can Seven Capital Do For You?

  • Offer you access to both our banking network and SWIFT.
  • Enable you to manage your international payments and collections using our banking networks worldwide.
  • Provide multi-currency capabilities to your clients

Choose Seven Capital because we provide...

  • Easy and cost effective access to SWIFT payments,
  • A simple and easy way to send and receive your payments and collections,
  • An opportunity to minimize the bank charges associated with international payments,
  • We help reduce your treasury back-office costs,
  • We have deep experience in bank payments around the world, and are able to diagnose and fix payment collection and delivery problems faster than any internal team.

I am Interested, What Do I Do Next?

  • List the countries where you currently need to pay suppliers, staff, utility bills, associates and so on.
  • Summarize how you are currently managing your international payments and collections.

You have further questions?, our consultants will be pleased to assist you!

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