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Now you can also accept credit cards!

Clients placing orders for goods or services on your internet site is what your business is dependentant upon. When a client places an order the most important thing is to expedite his payment as swiftly as possible. If a client has to visit the bank in order to make a bank transfer, you may find that he will be lost to a competitor or just changes his mind, even though he really does want the ordered goods it may be too much trouble to make the payment.

By accepting online credit card payments you can dramatically increase your sales and decrease your amount of unpaid orders. It is a known fact that once a client has made payment for a service through his credit card he will stop looking at competitor sites and feel he has immediately 'paid' for his goods.
Accepting Credit cards sales is total necessity for all online goods and services providers .

SEVEN CAPITAL can assist you with allowing credit card payments on your site. We have solutions for all business types from online shops to manual processing. You will be able to accept the following cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diners
  • Discover
  • Cirrus
  • Maestro

We have the right system to suit your business needs so that you may receive credit card payments online. We offer systems that are integrated into your online-shop. That allows your clients to place their payment order directly on your web site and the order will be processed through the system. The customer is forwarded to a secure payment site of the card processor which can be customized to fit to the design of your shop. Following a  successful payment, the customer is forwarded confirmation details and you will receive a payment confirmation via Email.

We also have manual systems which are the ideal solution if you have a limited number of orders to process or may require the service of being able to accept payment over the telephone or through the mail. You process the card transaction yourself using the clients card details and forwarding them to your processors admin site.  You may also send emails with a payment link attached. This would send customers to the payment department of your processor and requires no manpower on your behalf.

Payment from the card transactions is generally every 14 days and can be made via bank transfer or check. Credit cards may be charged in all currencies There is no security deposit required and no credit check made. The approval takes 5 to 20 days depending on the business. Our one time set up fee is US$2,500.00- US$

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